If you’re searching for a flexible side gig that can easily fit into your existing schedule, you might want to explore the world of microtasking.

As the term implies, microtasks refer to small, quick tasks or jobs that can be completed within seconds or a few minutes. The top microtask websites provide opportunities to work during the free moments in your day without requiring a significant commitment that would divert your attention from other responsibilities.

In the following discussion, we will delve into various websites that offer microtasking opportunities and explore how you can leverage these online micro jobs as a lucrative side hustle.


What is the Income Potential of Microtask Websites ?

When it comes to hourly wages, microtasks may not offer the highest earning potential compared to other side gigs. Many tasks only pay a few cents or less. However, the key advantage of microtasking lies in its high level of flexibility and accessibility to anyone. Previous experience is often unnecessary; basic computer skills are usually sufficient to dive right in and start earning money by completing micro tasks.

Typical microtask jobs encompass a range of activities such as basic proofreading, game testing, writing reviews, app testing, email sorting, content moderation, and URL searches.

Microtaskers typically earn a modest hourly rate. While it may not be the ideal choice for those seeking substantial income, it’s possible to earn around $50 to $100 per week or even more without any specific time commitments, making it an attractive option for those prioritizing flexibility in their side gig.

Additionally, you can begin immediately. By signing up now, you can complete your first microtask job within minutes. Unlike other side hustles that may require significant time investments or waiting periods before you can start making money, microtasking allows you to get started right away.

1. Appen

Appen offers jobs that are similar to other crowdsource-based platforms. However, on Appen, you apply to specific categories of work, such as rating jobs, language-based jobs, or micro tasks. Appen is a legitimate platform, supported by numerous positive reviews on websites like Indeed.

The pay range for Appen jobs is higher than that of traditional micro work, with some positions paying as much as $14 per hour. However, for most individuals, Appen is considered a beermoney option because it can be challenging to fill a 40-hour week solely with tasks from this platform.

Payments on Appen are processed through PayPal or Payoneer.

To discover more ideas for earning extra cash, take a look at our post on alternative sites similar to Appen!

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2. Clickworker

Clickworker is a microtasking website that recruits independent contractors to offer their services utilizing their personal computers. The platform provides a user-friendly web browser interface through which tasks can be completed, often forming part of larger and more complex projects.

With its advanced platform, Clickworker effectively coordinates and supervises tasks to ensure optimal workflow. Projects may involve data processing, text translations, web investigations, and tagging, among others.

According to Clickworker, the average earnings for workers amount to around $9 per hour. However, individuals with experience and focus have the potential to surpass this figure and earn “well over” $10 per hour.

3. Amazon MTurk

Amazon Mechanical Turk, also known as MTurk, provides an additional avenue for earning supplementary income whenever you find yourself in front of your computer with spare time to spare.

Similar to Clickworker, MTurk offers a wide array of tasks within its marketplace. These tasks encompass various activities, such as identifying objects in videos, data deduplication, transcription work, and search engine evaluation.

MTurk tasks are referred to as ‘HITs,’ short for ‘Human Intelligence Tasks.’ The fundamental concept behind Amazon MTurk is to enlist workers’ assistance in solving problems that artificial intelligence is unable to tackle.

Utilizing tools like MTurk HIT catcher can significantly enhance your earnings on platforms like MTurk. However, it’s worth noting that some individuals approach this micro job with a greater level of dedication than simply considering it as “beermoney.”

According to a Reddit thread, certain Amazon MTurk workers have managed to earn over $50,000 through the platform. Although this may not be the norm, it demonstrates that there are ample opportunities for those who invest the necessary time and effort.

U.S. citizens have the option to receive cash or Amazon gift cards as compensation for their work on MTurk, while non-U.S. citizens are limited to earning gift cards only.

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4. Swagbucks

If you enjoy the idea of being rewarded for sharing your opinions or reviewing items, Swagbucks is an excellent microtask platform for you. By completing small tasks, you will earn SBs, which are the point system used by Swagbucks. While online surveys make up the majority of tasks, you can also earn SBs by playing games, watching videos, shopping online, and browsing the internet.
Once you have accumulated enough points, you can redeem them for PayPal cash or choose from a variety of gift cards, including Amazon gift cards and Google Play credits. The minimum payout threshold is just $3. Currently, a $25 Google Play gift card requires approximately 2,200 SBs. Additionally, new users can enjoy introductory bonuses.

Among the various microtask apps available, Swagbucks is our favorite due to the wide range of earning opportunities and rewards it offers. Using Swagbucks is not only a means to make money but can also be an enjoyable experience.

5. Microworkers

Microworkers is a leading microtask website with an impressive user base of over 1.4 million workers who have collectively accomplished more than 42 million tasks.

The platform offers a range of popular jobs, including categorization, survey completion, data mining/entry, and monitoring ads on social media platforms like Facebook. Similar to Clickworker, your performance on tasks will be evaluated and assigned a star rating, with higher ratings granting access to a broader selection of jobs.

Microworker provides payment options through Dwolla, PayPal, and Transpay. However, it’s important to note that you must reach a minimum balance of $9 before being eligible for cashing out. Payments are issued twice a week, ensuring a regular and timely payout schedule.

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