ChatGPT’s knowledge is restricted to information available up until September 2021. Unlike Bard, it lacks the capability to offer real-time web-based updates. It cannot provide recent news events or present a company’s current financial data for the current quarter, making it unsuitable for professional and research purposes.

However, there is a solution to this limitation: connecting ChatGPT to the internet to access the most current information. In this article, we will explore the primary methods for leveraging ChatGPT with internet connectivity


Connecting ChatGPT to the Internet: Methods and Instructions

Interested in using ChatGPT with internet access? You have several options to achieve this. Whether you prefer the convenience of a browser extension or the advanced capabilities of ChatGPT Plus, this guide will walk you through the methods to connect ChatGPT to the web.

Step 1: Using the WebChatGPT Extension in Chrome, Edge, or Firefox :

The simplest way to enable internet access for ChatGPT is by installing the WebChatGPT extension on your browser. This extension is compatible with all Chromium-based browsers such as Chrome, Edge, and Brave, as well as Firefox.

Once installed, the extension enhances your ChatGPT interactions by incorporating relevant web results into your conversations. This integration ensures that your conversations are more precise and up-to-date. While similar to the web browsing feature available to ChatGPT Plus subscribers, WebChatGPT is freely accessible to everyone. Follow the steps below to get started:

1. Open Chrome Web Store and search for “WebChatGPT.”

Select WebChatGPT: ChatGPT with internet access extension from the list. Firefox users, on the other hand, can install the WebChatGPT add-on.

2. Click on Add to Chrome and select Add Extension when prompted.

3. Upon installation, the extension will automatically open the ChatGPT window. If it doesn’t, you can manually click the extension icon in the toolbar.

4. Here, enable the toggle for Web Access if not already. Then, select how many results you want, when you want the news, and specify the region if required.

5. Next, type your query and hit Enter.

ChatGPT will now pull the relevant results from the web (here, we selected three results) and then simplify the information the way it usually does.

In summary, the extension continuously provides ChatGPT with up-to-date information sourced from the internet, enabling GPT to comprehend and analyze this fresh data for responding to inquiries regarding current global events.

Step 2 – Connect to ChatGPT Online via Bing AI

Microsoft’s Bing AI Search harnesses the capabilities of ChatGPT 4 and enriches it with real-time data and references. To put it simply, it’s akin to integrating ChatGPT into a search engine, equipping it to respond to questions with the latest information.

You can access Bing AI Search and engage in conversations on both your mobile device and computer, as outlined below:

  • For Microsoft Edge : Simply install the browser, sign in to your Microsoft account, and opt in for Bing AI Search to get started. You can also activate Bing AI on Edge Mobile.
  • In Chrome, Brave, and Other Browsers: You can add Bing Chat to any Chromium browser on your desktop computer using Bing Chat for All Browsers extension.
  • Using Bing AI Chat app: Install the Bing AI Chat app on your Android or iPhone, log in to your Microsoft account, and tap the Bing Chat icon to start talking with ChatGPT. Here are other ways to use Bing AI on your phone.

Step 3 – Activate Web Browsing Capabilities in ChatGPT Plus

For users of ChatGPT Plus, you have the option to enable web browsing for accessing current information. However, to do so, you need to activate the web browsing feature in the beta features panel, as outlined below:

1. Open ChatGPT on your web browser.

2. Click the three dots next to your name in the screen’s bottom left corner.

3. Next, click on Settings.

4. Click Beta Features on the left to access the beta features panel.

5. Here, enable the toggle for Browsing with Bing. You can also enable Plugins if you want to.

6. Now, click on New Chat in the ChatGPT window.

7. Before writing anything, select ChatGPT 4 as your preferred model if not already. Then tap the drop-down arrow next to it and choose Browsing.

You can now pose questions that demand internet-sourced information, such as “What are Whirlpool Corp’s most recent quarterly results?” or “Who emerged as the IPL champions this year?” ChatGPT will subsequently attempt to retrieve pertinent responses from the web.

Conclusion :

In an age where information is at our fingertips, the fusion of AI and web browsing capabilities has ushered in a new era of knowledge accessibility. With ChatGPT Plus and Bing AI, users can effortlessly tap into the vast resources of the internet to find real-time answers to their questions.

This synergy between cutting-edge technology and the ever-evolving web empowers individuals with up-to-the-minute insights, enhancing the utility and versatility of AI-driven conversational tools.

As we embrace these advancements, the boundaries of what we can learn and achieve continue to expand, making the pursuit of knowledge more exciting and accessible than ever before.

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