Anyone looking for an apartment or house relies on three main factors: location, location, and location.

However, location is not the only factor that influences the purchase decision, not only when it comes to real estate. A consumer’s location can have a huge impact on their behavior and incline them to buy at the right time. For marketers with their eternal quest to provide the most personalized approach to each customer, including through the email channel, geolocation should be a critical factor.

A real-time location-based marketing strategy should take your email marketing to the next level. How? Using dynamic content that changes based on a user’s location the moment they interact with an email makes a big difference in customer loyalty. If you provide the user with useful information about the city they’re visiting, give inspiring recommendations for places to visit, this will grab the person’s attention and clearly increase conversion rates.

While geolocation is a powerful marketing tool, many brands fail to apply this tactic to the best of their ability. In this article, we’ll give some tips on how to run a successful location-based email campaign.

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Let’s have usefulness :

Brands can earn consumer loyalty by consistently delivering the most relevant content possible. That’s where location data helps. Through content, customers want to take the shortest route to purchase and expect their favorite brands to help with that.

For example, you can display information about the store’s hours of operation that’s closest to the opening point of the email. Yes – not the most exciting example, but it will be helpful for consumers when they go to offline stores to see products from the mailings in real life, try them on or try them out, and talk to a sales consultant.

The Travelodge hotel chain uses geolocation in transactional messages. Customers with reservations for the next couple of days get an email with useful information about the hotel: check-in and check-out times, parking information, nearby cafes and restaurants. Or a Google Maps map with directions from the airport or train station to the hotel. Such a letter at the very least puts the client in a good mood and a feeling that he is being taken care of.

How geolocation helps your email marketing

Weather also has a huge impact on shopper engagement, so using local weather forecasts to personalize your marketing can greatly increase sales. For example, a sunny weekend in London is an opportunity for a fashion brand to send out a content email and showcase the season’s best-selling summer dresses or sunglasses, as well as nearby stores where they are sold. You can dilute this with Instagram photos of real customers who have bought these products to offer style ideas and further encourage purchase.

Major bicycle and camping equipment retailer Halfords also uses weather in email newsletters and helps subscribers spend their warm days efficiently. When the user opens the email, he receives a weather forecast relevant to his location and tips on what to do: go to the beach or the countryside, and what products he can use for this activity.

Including links to useful content, such as “Five things you might forget when cleaning your car,” encourages users to click on links and engage with the brand longer.

It’s important to remember, especially for international companies, that the user’s country of residence may have different prices, language and currency. Think about this ahead of time to reduce the likelihood of abandoning a purchase.

No stupid mistakes :

Using a customer’s geolocation data when sending an abandoned browse trigger email often becomes the final push for the customer to make a purchase. For example, a customer browses a site for red sneakers in a certain size, but doesn’t make a purchase. In this scenario, the retailer, having previously set up email channel integration with the warehouse management system, sends the customer an email stating that the red sneakers of the right size are available in the nearest store in that amount. This will be an additional motivator to make a purchase.

But here there is a nuance. If the data from the warehouse or from the store will be displayed incorrectly in the letter, the buyer will go to the store and find that the right shoes just aren’t there. Not only will he remain disappointed, but he may also go to a competitor.

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Be careful about confidentiality :

Yes, technology is transforming marketing opportunities, and geolocation is proof of that. But the more important issue is the preservation of sensitive data. The excitement around GDPR has eased a bit after a year, but data still needs to be collected and used responsibly.

Giving consumers full control and transparency over their data ultimately means that they are more likely to remain open to sharing their location information with a brand. Apple recently announced that iOS 13 will include several new privacy features. One of these is more granular customization of a user’s location data in the background. The user will be able to customize this so that apps only access their location once. In an era of growing privacy concerns, this is a great example of how to help consumers make informed decisions.

Using geolocation techniques in marketing can have a significant impact on conversions and long-term customer loyalty. While location is primarily important when choosing a home or apartment, 2019 marketers should use every method available to personalize their campaigns.

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