HostGator, is one of the leading services in the industry, offering a full-featured plan, and the service content is satisfying for beginners, to all users. The price is economical, but the cheapest, plan has the disadvantage of a long contract period.

HostGator Review - Why People Love/Hate It? (2020 User Reviews)


What is HostGator?

HostGator, is a typical technology venture company. Started in a college dormitory in Florida in 2002, which means it is fairly well established. Not only, is it headquartered in Austin and Houston. It is large enough, to set up an international office. It has grown into an international provider, of sharing, resale, VPS, and dedicated website hosting services.

The Bottom Line

It is a predominant server with “unlimited data capacity and low price”. It’s nice to have an all-you-can-eat restaurant at a low price, isn’t it?

HostGator, is an excellent web hosting service. And very simple to use. It provides packages of useful strategies, and opportunities for consumers and small businesses.

As in every single thing in this world there are some pros and cons, so:

What are the PROS?

Shared Web Hosting Plans - Easy & Affordable | HostGator
  • Solid hosting uptime performance, uptime> 99.99%.
  • Outstanding customer service (Customer Care – Comprehensive support documentation, user forums, 24×7 support)
  • Fast server, US user TTFB less than 50ms, rated A in Bitcatcha speed test
  • Special Discounts – Sign-up prices are up to 45% cheaper for first-time users
  • The most popular hosting among bloggers based on 2014 and 2020 surveys.
  • HostGator gives a sense of security to beginners of overseas servers.
  • Free site migration.

What are the CONS?

  • Although it is “information-rich” as merit, a minority of reviews praised HostGator.
  • It has No Windows-based VPS hosting.
  • Unlimited hosting is limited by server constraints
  • Occasionally long wait times for live chat support
  • Expensive renewal fee
  • Server locations in the US only

Each business needs a Website, regardless of whether it’s a fully functioning e-commerce setup or a simple blog to post day by day updates. In any case, you need a web hosting service. The feature-packed HostGator is a top decision, flaunting quality cloud, reseller, virtual private worker (VPS), and committed worker bundles, yet it’s the organization’s shared plans that truly stand apart from the extremely jam-packed web facilitating pack. Actually, HostGator’s shared bundles are strong to such an extent that the administration wins our Editors’ Choice rating in that facilitating subcategory.

Service Suitable For All Users

Of course, HostGator also covers the basics. You might take it for granted that it supports SSL certificates, automatic backups, Spam Assassin email protection, and site backup and restore.

One appealing point is that every plan comes with a free HostGator website builder, which includes over 100 mobile responsive designs and media libraries.

Furthermore, it is nice to be able to transfer sites and domains for free.

Let’s take a closer look at the advanced features of HostGator.

Scalable Resources

4 Free or Inexpensive Resources to Help You Start Your Online Business | HostGator Blog

It is scalable with one click in the cPanel control panel. This means that you can quickly adjust your capacity as traffic increases or decreases. It provides stable performance and saves money because you have the resources you need, when you need them.

Super Faster Server

New Dedicated Server Hosting from HostGator | HostGator Blog

According to HostGator, “supercharged cloud architecture, low-density servers, CDNs, multi-layer caching” will load your WordPress site up to 2.5 times faster. It’s not clear what it’s faster than.

However, it is clear that content is managed efficiently and dynamic content requests are processed quickly by cloud hosting services.

Extensive Ressources

In addition to scalable resources, we also have extensive resource allocation for all plans. HostGator users can use unlimited bandwidth, an unlimited number of subdomains, FTP accounts, email accounts, and at least 100GB of disk space.

I don’t think the HostGator package will run out of resources.

Ease Of Use

Beginner's Guide on How to Use cPanel | HostGator

HostGator is very easy to use. Even beginners can easily create and cancel an account. A one-click installer, managed WordPress hosting, and site creation tools are available. With these tools, even people who are not familiar with coding experience or technology can set up.

Create an account

Creating an account with HostGator is very easy, but I was surprised that the page loads slowly.

You can fill out the online registration form quickly and it will set up your dashboard for you. You can do it all in your browser, and you don’t even have to confirm your account by email at the end.

Domain connection and WordPress installation

Since it is cPanel, it is very easy to connect the domain and install WordPress. It took just a few minutes and I didn’t have to ask customer support for help.

However, be aware that if you try to ask a live chat question when you need help, you will have to wait a long time.

Automatic backup

The plan includes the benefit of automatic weekly backup. To be clear, it’s not the best backup system (because other hosting companies have services that can be backed up and restored daily). However, you can upgrade to Code-Guard Backup / Restore at checkout (extra charge).

Application Hosting

Install Scripts and Web Applications with QuickInstall | HostGator Support

The HostGator plan supports popular applications such as WordPress, Joomla! Magneto and Wiki. If that’s not enough, you can use the one-click installer to install over 75 open source scripts.

Some companies have 300-400 apps, so it’s not the most complete one-click installer, but it covers all the popular programs.


HostGator has a relatively common 99.9% uptime guarantee. It’s not the best, but if you stop for a long time, it would be nice to get a one-month refund in the form of a gift card.

According to external tests, the utilization rate has been stable at 99.98% or more, but according to other users, this service seems to have major problems due to slow downtime and slow site load speed.

As you can see from the screenshots, the overall performance was very good with A +. It is the highest evaluation. The site loaded in as little as 30ms in some areas and in about 800ms in the slowest areas. The page loaded in less than 2 seconds at any location.

Cancellation And Refund

Canceling your HostGator account is very easy as you only need to fill out the contact form.

Quick guide: 

  1. Go to the dashboard and fill out the cancellation form.
  2. In the comments section, write that you would like a refund.
  3. Click Submit.
  4. When next screen appears, select “No thanks, Cancel My Account”.
  5. It should be refunded within 2 weeks (often earlier).

HostGator Review: Do We Recommend HostGator?

We usually choose a web host based on several important factors such as corporate reputation, reasonable price, features, and server performance.

Based on the above test results and research, we can see that HostGator Cloud Hosting meets expectations in all categories. The company received a 4.5-star rating in an updated rating (using an 80-point checklist for reviews).

That’s right – HostGator is a success. And I personally think Gator is a particularly good choice for beginners and individual bloggers who want to “stick to the crowd.”

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