In 2021, the core algorithm will be updated immediately, and the SEO area is likely to undergo major changes this year as well.

This article is a compilation of predictions from many experts on SEO trends in 2021.

The results of hearings from 58 experts are summarized as 10 trends. We hope it helps your SEO strategy.

What are SEO professionals thinking about for 2021?

What strategies and tactics will be effective in 2021 to help occupy search results and bring more benefits?

This is the question we ask every year in the Search Engine Journal.

I asked 58 of the top SEO professionals about their thoughts.

In this article, we’ll show you the top 10 trends in 2021 you should know from their experts.


1. High quality and optimized content

There’s one thing that has been and can be the lifeline of SEO,” said Anna Claw, assistant editor of the program Journal.
It’s content.

“To achieve success in 2021, you’ve to write down down something that’s relevant and valuable,” said Tony Wright, CEO of LightIMC.
“Google’s editing capabilities aren’t perfect yet. Some content won’t be ranked, but the day will come when the only content will win.”

“2021 are going to be a year of freedom from keyword obsessions,” said Jesse McDonald, IBM’s global SEO strategist, and Jessica Levenson, an SEO and content strategy consultant.

  • Understand “your users” and “what they search”.
  • Provide solutions and answers within the format they seek, through the right place, quality, and authoritative content.
  • Take measures supported this technique at every stage of the customer journey. to form content that provides an experience that meets their needs.
  • Repeat them. That’s because once you say it well, there’s no guarantee that your search intent will remain the same, and somebody else may do better than you.

To achieve success in 2021, you’ve to write down down something that’s relevant and valuable,” said Tony Wright, CEO of LightIMC.
“Google’s editing capabilities aren’t perfect yet. Some content won’t be ranked, but the day will come when the only content will win.”

The key to successful search marketing in 2021 remains an equivalent. Create quality content across all of your channels with a uniform brand message.

As search engines incorporate more tongue processing technology, the day will come when the foremost well-written content will win altogether its forms.

There are many websites that have a sloppy translation that may not the primary language of the word, despite its global reach, it’s not about keyword placement, it’s about content written to an area audience.

2. Video SEO and indirect factors

According to a survey by Forrester Research, Inc., “By posting a video, it will be displayed at the top of the search results with a probability of 53 times that of sites that are not posted .”

However, this is not due to the direct effect of video SEO, but to the fact that watching videos has increased the length of stay on the site.

What this means is that Google is currently patrolling the site using crawler software called Googlebot, and it has become possible to recognize sentences and images, but in reality it does not support videos. Therefore, posting a video that is SEO-aware does not mean that it will simply be ranked high.

Keep in mind that the benefits of video SEO measures are only indirect factors.

Benefits of video SEO

There are many benefits to doing video SEO, and the main ones are as follows.

  • Own site us extend the residence time of favorability is likely to rise from the user is also easy to raise viewer ratings in-other post videos tend to be higher-level display when it is, search

There are various merits, so if you are posting a video, take SEO measures as well as the contents of the content.

3. Backlink measures continue to be important

Backlink measures are important as measures to raise the “domain authority” that was raised in the trend of SEO measures in 2021.

Backlinks don’t just have to be large. In future SEO measures, the quality (whether the fields are close, the strength of the linked domain, etc.) will also be important.

There are several ways to get backlinks, but what is easily quoted content? Is a shortcut.

For example, you can publish useful data or create an article that thoroughly covers information. It is also a good idea to use the backlink check tool to analyze the articles that are actually backlinks.

4. Optimize title and meta information

According to a BACKLINLO survey, click-through rate (CTR) for organic search on smartphones has decreased by 41.4% since 2015.

The reason for the decrease in CTR is thought to be that Google has evolved into search results that allow users to solve problems faster, such as displaying snippets and FAQs in search results.

In other words, in order to attract owned media customers through SEO measures, it is also necessary to make efforts to make titles and meta information attractive to users.

5. Link building and brand building

Would you like to get a top-notch link in 2021 as well?

“In 2021, link building will shift from a dark era to a customer-first approach,” said Shannon McGeek, head of public relations and content at Aira Digital.

This means the following three ways of writing as journalism.

  • Planned Articles
    Topics reported annually by journalists at specific times (eg Black Friday, Valentine’s Day)
  • Planned and responsive articles Although
    it is a timely event or theme reported by journalists, it is characterized by the fact that editors and journalists cannot grasp the exact story until they write it on the morning of the editorial meeting.
  • Breaking News Articles Responding to Change Breaking news that has the characteristics of being written here and is unplanned and unpredictable.

The SEO will be responsible for building links and placing media to drive traffic and brand exposure. It’s not just about links to help ranking search results.

Current link building is brand-based and is not considered an activity as a brand building.

It’s imperative to build a brand that people trust and want to do business with.

Customers are getting smarter and more predictive when it comes to marketing.

The more they trust you, the more they share your content (links), the more they talk about you (and their value), and the more they buy your product (profit).

6. Mobile SEO

Isn’t it surprising to mention mobile SEO as an important trend in 2021? But that’s not the case.

Many of the customers who come to me talk to me have mobile sites, but the results are often terrible.

In order to survive 2021, we need to implement 2017 measures and modify the mobile site.

What does that mean?

We’ll create a mobile-first site, and then apply it to the desktop version, this will eliminate the need for speed optimization after launch.”

If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you should take immediate action.

All of our online reports must be a top priority for mobile performance, rather than imagining a user sitting on a desktop computer, it’s important to understand that in many cases, the users who find your website are via mobile.

But mobile SEO doesn’t end there. You should study mobile search results.

SEOs need to actually see mobile search results. What search results are, what traffic can be expected, and what optimizations impact revenue.

7. User Experience and Technical SEO

According to block Murray, co-founder of seoplus +, ” a big trend for smart SEO professionals to focus on in 2021 is user experience.

The user experience is the overall experience, including contact with search results, landing page experience, and after a site visit. Imagine remarketing, drip campaigns, personalization for returnees, and more.

Think carefully about the value you can offer and what you can do to help them get the best experience while they are visiting.

Technical SEO is an important part of the discussion about user experience.

I think Google will do a lot to make up for technical mistakes (canonical corrections, hreflang corrections, etc.), but it’s more important for SEOs to strengthen their technical SEO foundation. It’s going to get bigger.

It’s not accidental that Martin Spirit spends a lot of time explaining technical best practices from Google’s perspective. You’ll have to think hard about it.

The discussion of technical SEO and user experience should include the topics of site speed and page speed.

We need to talk to the developers again, and in some cases, we may need to redesign the page templates and redesign the way assets are loaded.

Going into the technical arena will take into account the technical SEO ecosystem.

This move started a few years ago, but it will be clearer this year, in 2021, attention will be focused on JavaScript frameworks, app-driven businesses that have begun to shift to the Web thanks to PWA, and automation of tasks related to SEO of large-scale sites that utilize machine learning technology using Python. right.

8. Focus on visibility, not just blue links

In 2019, zero search results became a hot topic. In 2021, SEO on search results screens will only grow in importance.

Chris Shepard, founder of Zyppy, said responding to zero search results would be key.

“There will be more brand marketing on Google, not on your website,” Shepherd said. “Smart marketers need to learn how to adapt and win the edge, and should work more strategically on the information that appears in search result snippets.”

“This is also a basic tactic to increase the actual number of clicks for impressions, such as optimizing highlighted snippets, leveraging new schemas (eg FAQs, HowTos, etc.), image protection, favicon optimization, etc.” Includes. “

But “what we need to plan for 2021 is not just to respond to zero search results, but to optimize for more than just blue links,” Clam said.

The number one position that appears below the highlighted snippets and knowledge graph is different from the number one position without them, ” Clam said.

“Similarly, even if you’re not in first place, you won’t get a lot of traffic if it’s listed under People Also Ask, Interesting Finds, etc. These features are eye-catching and a lot of clicks. Because you will get. “

“We should respond more to our current search results. We should be ranked higher in map packs, news, events, etc. and get clicks from locations other than traditional natural search results,” she adds.

9. Optimization for Entity and Knowledge Graph

Future searches will increasingly reflect the real world,” said Bill Slauski, SEO Research Director at Go Fish Digital.

“Google is looking for ways to include entity-related information in search results, such as through extended queries,” Slauski said.

“It is possible to optimize the entity for your site, such as by optimizing Google’s Knowledge Graph. Let’s measure whether it appears in the Knowledge Graph.” Greg Gifford, search vice president at SearchLab Chicago, points out that “local search is the center of entity-centric search, so everyone is aware of what’s happening in this area. It should be.

” Local search has been entity-centric for years. You don’t have to own a website to get your local business up and running, “ Gifford said.

Google measures real-world visits and has recently patented a technology that uses” quality of visits “as a ranking factor. 

Dixon Jones, founder of DHJ Ventures, said: “Most of the underlying content needs to be tied to a defined entity. 

Writing information around the entity semantically helps to better answer the user journey. Content-based solutions Not only will it be the content that Google sees as a better search result.

“In 2021, internal links will get a lot of attention, but they should be based on things, not strings,” Jones said. “Understanding a unique knowledge graph about ourselves allows us to link these concepts to the interests of both users and crawlers within our controlled content.”

Would you like your brand or business to be recognized as an entity? Here’s some advice from Nextvia’s SEO and content leader Arena Benny.

If we can publish original industry reports, edit new advice from experts, and make influential statements in the market, Google will recognize you as an entity,” Benny said. “Signals associated with these entities will help keep the top display going.

To get better results with SEO

With the rapid creation and publication of content, search engines are doing a great deal of work to rank billions of websites.

You may not be able to improve the situation dramatically overnight, but you can make small adjustments to make improvements over time.

Leveraging tools to see key factors such as load speed, content challenges, meta tags, links, and crawlability will improve SEO and make it higher in Google search results.

Although the article contained many connections with SEMrush, it was very convincing.

It takes man-hours to optimize each item, but it is very attractive to be able to reduce these man-hours by introducing tools.

Many things have happened in 2020, and I think that user behavior has changed significantly, but let’s keep an eye on user trends in 2021 and operate the website accordingly.

We hope you enjoyed the article.

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