ListingPro stands tall as one of the most esteemed WordPress Directory & Listing Themes on Themeforest. With its robust features including an advanced search engine, seamless Google Maps integration, and an elegant design, it serves as an ideal solution for businesses of all kinds.

Having employed ListingPro for our own local directory platform, we can attest to its effectiveness and user-friendly interface. In this detailed review, we’ll delve into the intricacies of ListingPro to help you determine if it aligns with your requirements.


Unveiling the Power of ListingPro: Pros & Cons

  1. User-Friendly Experience: Setting up a listing directory website in WordPress with ListingPro is a breeze. Its intuitive interface and comprehensive documentation ensure a hassle-free experience for users at every step. From installation to configuration, the process is seamless, allowing users to focus on building their directory without technical hurdles.
  2. Feature-Rich and Versatile: ListingPro offers a plethora of features that cater to diverse needs, making it suitable for various niches and industries. Whether you’re establishing a directory for restaurants, healthcare providers, or real estate listings, ListingPro provides the necessary tools to create a robust platform tailored to your specific requirements.
  3. Enhanced Success Rate: Applying ListingPro to specific niches can significantly enhance the chances of success. Its extensive feature set, coupled with targeted niche marketing, can boost visibility and user engagement, ultimately leading to higher profitability. By leveraging ListingPro’s capabilities in niche-specific contexts, users can amplify their impact and achieve their business goals more efficiently.
  4. Excellent Customer Support: ListingPro prides itself on delivering exceptional customer service, ensuring that users receive prompt assistance whenever needed. From technical queries to customization guidance, the support team is responsive and knowledgeable, providing valuable insights and solutions to enhance the user experience.
  5. Empowering Communities: ListingPro enables users to create valuable resources for their communities, fostering connectivity and engagement. By providing a platform for local businesses and services to thrive, users contribute to the growth and development of their communities, establishing themselves as influential stakeholders in their respective domains.


  1. Incomplete Submission Cleanup: While ListingPro facilitates the removal of fake submissions, it falls short in removing associated images, leading to cluttered directories. This oversight diminishes the overall quality of listings and may affect user experience negatively.
  2. Performance Issues: One of the primary drawbacks of ListingPro is its sluggish performance, particularly in terms of website speed. Slow loading times can deter visitors and impact search engine rankings, undermining the effectiveness of the directory platform.
  3. Design Limitations: Despite its feature richness, ListingPro’s design aesthetics leave much to be desired. Users often find themselves resorting to extensive CSS customization to address spacing, margin, and padding issues, detracting from the platform’s visual appeal and user experience.
  4. Lack of Comprehensive Training: ListingPro lacks comprehensive training resources, making it challenging for users to fully harness its capabilities. The absence of clear guidance on product usage and implementation hampers user proficiency and may result in underutilization of key features.
  5. Resource Intensiveness and Multilingual Support: ListingPro’s poorly implemented features and inadequate support for multiple languages pose significant challenges. The platform’s resource-intensive nature strains server resources, leading to performance bottlenecks. Additionally, the lack of robust multilingual support limits its usability in global contexts, restricting its appeal to diverse user demographics.

Exploring ListingPro’s Features

The Power of Search and Submission

ListingPro boasts a formidable search engine, empowering visitors to discover businesses effortlessly through keywords, location, or category. Results are neatly presented on Google Maps, simplifying the quest for nearby businesses. Moreover, its provision of front-end submission forms allows users to contribute their listings, a boon for directory growth without manual intervention. What’s truly commendable is ListingPro’s sleek design, epitomized by its homepage featuring a prominent map with categorized listings and an optional slider for featured entries.

Diving into Features

ListingPro isn’t just a directory theme; it’s a comprehensive toolkit for launching a successful online directory. From User and Admin Dashboards to Advanced Search and Filtering, it covers all bases. The inclusion of Coupons Listing, Appointment Booking, FrontEnd Submission, and Multi-criteria Review and Ratings further amplifies its utility. Its versatility extends to supporting various payment gateways like Stripe, Paypal, and others, ensuring seamless transactions.

Crafting Versatile Directories

ListingPro transcends limitations, enabling the creation of diverse listing sites across industries such as Food & Restaurants, Health & Medical, Tours & Travels, and more. Whether you’re venturing into real estate or delving into professional services, ListingPro provides the framework for a robust directory platform tailored to your niche.

Updating ListingPro: A Seamless Process

Keeping ListingPro up-to-date is a breeze with multiple options available. Utilize the built-in WordPress updater for automatic updates or opt for manual updates via FTP. To safeguard customizations, consider creating a child theme before updating, ensuring a smooth transition to the latest version.

Exploring Alternatives

While ListingPro shines bright, exploring alternatives is prudent. Platforms like Moz Local, Yext, WhitesparkLocal Finder, and Synup offer compelling features for managing business listings and local SEO efforts, catering to diverse needs beyond ListingPro’s scope.


In the realm of WordPress directory themes, ListingPro emerges as a formidable contender, offering a blend of functionality, aesthetics, and ease of use. Whether you’re embarking on a local business directory venture or aiming for a niche-specific listing platform, ListingPro’s feature-rich arsenal equips you for success. With its seamless updates and versatile directory creation capabilities, ListingPro stands as a reliable choice for entrepreneurs and businesses seeking to establish their presence in the online directory landscape.

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