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Bluehost (BlueHost) is one of the relatively well-known web hosting service providers in world. However, you may be wondering how well-proven and reliable it can be used.

Is it really worth using BlueHost? I see countless BlueHost reviews on the internet. Many of these reviews cover the same things, including BlueHost‘s unlimited hosting capabilities, free domain offers, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

This is not one of those reviews …

This article describes the features, advantages, and disadvantages of BlueHost, points to note, user reviews, and the websites that it operates.

What is BlueHost ?

Bluehost, is a web hosting company owned by a company called Endurance International Group and is one of the web hosting companies in their 20s. 

It hosts a total of more than 2 million domains and is a subsidiary of HostMonster, FastDomain and iPage.

Can you trust officially recommends Bluehost, Siteground, and Dreamhost. Based on purely personal experience, Bluehost seems to be a good choice in dimensions other than singing. If you need more stable and faster hosting, it may be a better option than Siteground.

There are other web hosting companies that are engaged in the WordPress content market, but many users still have BlueHost as their managed WP host provider, from GoDaddy all around to WordPress-specific hosts such as Kinsta and WP Engine. Select. 

From features to pricing plans, you can summarize the BlueHost Management WP breakdown and see if it suits your needs.

Is it Recommended ?

Yes, Bluehost is introduced as a recommended hosting service on the official website “” of WordPress, which is the most used CMS in the world.

Three hosting services are listed, including SiteGround and Dreamhost, but Bluehost is listed at the top.

It’s a relief that the WordPress headquarters recommends Bluehost. In fact, Bluehost offers many resources, including a one-click installation of WordPress.

Bluehost plan you are using

If you manage multiple sites and want to have a server on Bluehost with a cheap plan, “Plus” is the most affordable.

The price is “5.45 US dollars / month”, and the transfer amount, storage (SSD), number of domains, number of DBs, etc. are all unlimited.

What is the site speed you care about?

As a premise, WordPress site speed tends to be slow…

I think that the fact that there are many files to load to display one page and that you can easily select themes and plugins are the factors that slow down the site. Probably the fastest domestic server in WordPress is the Sakura-affiliated “Kusanagi server”. Speaking specifically for WordPress, this Kusanagi server is terribly fast.

However, in addition to that, the author’s impression of using Sakura and several overseas servers is that “Bluehost is also quite fast.” If you run a WordPress site, you shouldn’t have to worry about Bluehost’s speed at all.

Is Bluehost a stable server ?

As a general comment, Bluehost seems to be very cheap but has a good service and is easy to use even for the general public.

However, if it is stable and cheap, you may think that there is a weak point in the service.

One of them is stability. You may not notice it because you cannot monitor the server 24 hours a day, but in the case of a shared rental server, depending on the access status to the site in the same section, this is temporarily here. The speed of the site may slow down.

However, even if you think that access is slow for a moment, if you access it several times, it will respond at normal speed in less than 30 seconds. The location of the server is said to be in the United States, and it is hard to think that 10 pm in Japan is 9 am in the United States, and there are many accesses in the morning. The author’s site is not a site that is accessed all the time.

So, I think it may be the influence of other users’ sites that are included together. These effects are possible for shared rental servers.

Shared hosting products

Bluehost shared hosting seems to show a decent price-to-price performance, a good singing ratio. You can consider it if you want to use decent resources cheaply.

If you want a more reliable service, you should also consider the following Bluehost VPS products (currently in use by this blog) and SiteGround if you have less than 100,000 sessions. Siteground offers unlimited traffic on shared hosting, but it is relatively stable, limiting the number of visits (Visits) by product. (* SiteGround has stopped service in several countries and regions including South Korea and Japan.)

The following is the shared hosting product price list that appears when you click the Hosting> Shared Hosting menu.

Bluehost Hosting Review for 2020: Is it the Best Hosting Solution? : The Best Value in Hosting

Apart from shared hosting, there are also WordPress hosting and e-commerce products. WordPress hosting is basically similar to shared hosting. In fact, as a result of checking with Bluehost, they are almost the same.

WP PRO Product (Optimized WordPress Hosting)

It is a product specialized in WordPress, and the name was changed to the former Optimized WordPress hosting WordPress Pro, but it was changed to WP Pro again, and since there are four products, it was adjusted to XNUMX.

Similar to VPS products, but WordPress-specific products. If you run a WordPress site, Bluehost’s WordPress hosting will help you run your WordPress site more efficiently and stably. Prices start at $ 19.95 a month. WordPress Live Ticket Support is available for Grow and Scale products. With the support of WordPress Lite Tickets, you can get substantial support from real WordPress professionals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

WordPress Pro hosting products, unlike VPS products, do not have root privileges. I managed a site that uses this product, but there is no menu to set a root password, and when I contact you via live chat, it is assumed that root authority is not given. If it is burdensome to set the server directly, you will be able to consider this product instead of VPS.

For reference, Bluehost has been offering a free SSL certificate for all WordPress installations since 2017. This blog also applied a free SSL certificate.

VPS hosting products

To use various functions that are more stable than Bluehost, you can use the upper plan. This blog is currently using a VPS plan.

Bluehost Review (2020) - WordPress Certified Host !

The Standard option provides unlimited traffic to the 30G storage space. Even if the storage capacity is smaller than low-cost shared hosting, you can operate the site stably within the specifications. By the way, I’m currently using VPS standard, but I’m adding 30G of storage and it costs $ 35 a month.

The more visitors you have, the more resources you need. If your site has more visitors and your site has problems, you can add more CPU and RAM to handle it. However, as the number of visitors increases and the server becomes overwhelming, it will be necessary to change to more expensive products such as dedicated hosting.

Dedicated hosting products

Dedicated hosting is available when you need more storage capacity and traffic.

Dedicated hosting plans are very expensive, but offer a relatively large amount of story space and traffic. Compared to the beginning of 2018, the item of Free SSL (free SSL) has been added.

If the number of connected users increases and the site becomes unstable, you can try to solve it by optimizing the site, and if it is still unbearable, you can consider upgrading to Dedicated Hosting.

Domain Privacy

Again, depending on the plan you choose, you can always pay for domain privacy. E-commerce plans are great because they have built-in domain privacy.

What does this mean?

Personal information is recorded online each time you purchase a domain. This information includes name, address, contact information, and more. The reason they have this is for better communication between site owners. However, many people dislike it because it causes spam.

Therefore, we suggest that you sign up and hide this information from others and spambots. Replace the details with your Bluehost contact information. This usually means that Bluehost will notify you when a legitimate message about your site arrives. However, most of them are spam, so basically you remove them all from your inbox.

About Bluehost refund system

If you don’t like BlueHosts services, you’ll get a full refund of the rental fee within 30 days of signing up for a server rental.
So, if you are interested in Bluehost but are wondering if you cannot get into this contract, try using the server once for free and try out “experienced response and operability” etc. I think it’s good.

Bluehost service support

Even with Blue Host, if you have any problems using the server, you can contact the server engineer directly by “email”, “phone”, or “live chat”.
Email the engineer and you will get a reply within 24 hours. In my case, I basically always communicate directly with the server engineer via “live chat”.

The reason for this is that if there is a problem, it is easy for you to solve the problem directly and quickly. Due to the above, I personally recommend live chat for urgent support. I have had the experience of accidentally skipping a large site (operated by WordPress) with more than 500 articles by mistake … (sweat). (It disappeared due to a bug in the WordPress plugin.)

However, at this time, I asked the Bluehost server engineer to tell me the situation via live chat, and when I asked for repair, I was able to have it restored immediately in real time. It was .
It’s a funny story now, but it was a really cold sweating experience at the time. I am very grateful to the engineer.

And if I call them for support, I will be able to connect with the support staff and receive telephone support within about 1 minute. You can get it.

Live chat is almost always in touch. I’ve had live chat support many times in the past, but I have a maximum wait time of 10 minutes, and in most cases it’s within 30 seconds if it’s a few minutes earlier. From the above, I am still using Bluehost with peace of mind. There are also forums and video lessons, so if you have a simple question, you can look it up yourself.

Bluehost Review: Pros and Cons

Every hosting provider has its strengths and weaknesses to consider.

In a world where countless companies are competing for your money, a range of additional bonuses to attract new customs, including everything from email accounts to guaranteed uptime or free domain names. There are dozens of providers around the world that offer.

Bluehost stands out as one of the best hosting companies on the market, XNUMX, for a variety of important reasons. The brand provides enterprises with sensational hosting within budget and offers an excellent level of reliability. However, Bluehost also has some drawbacks.


  • Great budget-friendly pricing makes it ideal for companies with limited cash to spend on website performance.
  • WordPress integration makes it easy to set up your site using one of the world’s most popular CMS solutions, XNUMX.
  • Onboarding and education is easy at Bluehost. We have a wealth of resources to help you get the most out of your service.
  • Bluehost also provides excellent customer support. That is, no, if for some reason your site has a problem, you’ll get the guidance you need.
  • Add-ons and extras are everywhere in Bluehost. Unlock a complete product suite with shared hosting, domain names, managed WordPress hosting, and more.


  • You may see additional charges when using Bluehost, such as checkout cart add-ons.
  • Storage isn’t very good for Bluehost, especially with a basic plan that has very little space for content.
  • The backup, warranty, and additional reassurance tools available from Bluehost aren’t as good as those elsewhere.

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