As you all know, YouTube is a popular video platform all over the world, with nearly 2 billion users watching videos in more than 80 languages every month. The number of companies that use YouTube as one of their marketing strategies is increasing year by year. And that trend will continue to accelerate, and we are about to enter an era in which “corporate video utilization” is essential for brand strengthening.

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Video content can be said to be the most recent and most demanding expression method.

From a marketing perspective, it’s becoming a must-see, but you can’t miss YouTube in video marketing. It’s not a dream to get a lot of views from YouTube, but it’s also a high hurdle.

This time, I would like to introduce an article that summarizes various measures. Hope you get used to the growth tips of your YouTube channel.

Let’s get started.


1. Use “BOGY” thumbnails

It goes without saying that video thumbnails are important. In fact, consistent with YouTube, 9 out of 10 of the foremost watched videos on YouTube use custom thumbnails.

YouTube also states:

Thumbnails are usually the first thing users browsing YouTube see.

How do you create a prominent thumbnail?

BOGY thumbnail

BOGY thumbnails are thumbnails that use the following four colors.

  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Yellow

Why is this important?

As you roam YouTube, you’ll find that the website is based on red, black, and white.

If you use red, black, and white for the thumbnails, it will mix with the YouTube layout.

However, if you employ BOGY thumbnails, the thumbnails will stand out and attract the viewer’s attention. Use a descriptive template (proven) “The video description tells YouTube’s algorithm what the video is about,”.

2. Use a descriptive template (proven)

“The video description tells YouTube’s algorithm what the video is about,”

YouTube said.

With that in mind, there is one notice.

I created a very effective YouTube descriptive template.

That is below.

  • Strong intro (2-3 sentences)
  • Detailed outline (500 characters or less)
  • Links to websites and social

Let’s break it down into sections.

First, you need a strong intro.

The first few lines of the description are very important.

In particular, the target keyword should be included once in the first 1-2 sentences.

That’s because YouTube emphasizes keywords at the beginning of the description.

Be sure to mention your target keywords early in the description.

Also, write a sentence that sells your own video.

I wonder why?

This is because the first few lines of the description appear in the YouTube search.

If the snippet is very powerful, more users will click on it.

Also, some users read the description after landing on the video page.

That’s why content above “read more” is very important for marketing your video.

Next is a 500-character outline.

All you need to do here is to write an overview of what users can learn from your videos.

Don’t hesitate to write the details of the video. In fact, it is recommended to write at least 500 characters here.

Then use the keywords that you want your video to appear higher.

This will allow YouTube to fully understand the content of the video.

The last is the installation of links.

I learned this advice from YouTube.

“Text in the image: Use the rest (what you see when you click More) for additional information, such as your channel or social links.”

If you want to increase the number of subscribers, we recommend adding a CTA that encourages you to subscribe.

3. Swap playlist layouts

Like most people, you should include playlists on your channel page .

Recently, I’ve found an easy way for more people to see your playlist.

Swap the playlist layout vertically and horizontally.

Why is this important?

If you use only one playlist layout, it won’t stand out more than the other playlists.

However, if you swap the layouts, you can make each layout stand out.

To change the layout

  • First go to your channel page. 
  • Then select “Customize Channel”.
  • Then click on the pencil icon next to the playlist.
  • Then select the layout.
  • Then, “display vertically” and “display horizontally” are interchanged.

It’s very simple. But it’s very effective.

4. Increase CTR for video titles

The title is very important to the success of the video.

In fact, the data on YouTube also acknowledges that titles can lead to video success or even ruin.

Text in the image: The title determines whether the video is viewed, shared, or passed through.

Here’s how to create a video title to get a lot of clicks.

First, add square brackets and parentheses at the end of the title.

According to a HubSpot survey, adding square brackets will increase clicks by 38% (*).

Next, include numbers in the title.

The target of the numbers can be as follows.

  • Number of advices and strategies explained in the video
  • Current year
  • How-to video steps
  • Amount of decrease (increase) in numerical value

let’s assume that the title has 40 to 50 characters.

A study by Justin Brig found that videos with titles but 50 characters ranked better on YouTube searches. Increase the amount of views from “Recommended videos” Over the previous couple of years I even have studied many YouTube channels. And I noticed a certain law of success.

5. Increase the number of views from “Recommended videos”

Over the last few years I have studied many YouTube channels. And I noticed a certain law of success.

Successful channels have received a lot of views from “Recommended Videos”.

A “recommended video” is a related video that YouTube promotes that appears next to the video you watched.

For now, “Recommended Videos” have provided more views than YouTube searches.

So how do you get a lot of views from “Recommended Videos”?

Use the same tags as your competitors.

In fact, YouTube states that it uses video content metadata (titles, descriptions and tags) to rank “Recommended videos.”

This means that if your tag matches the tag of a popular video, you have a chance to see your video next to that video.

Image title: Match tags with popular videos to be displayed in “Recommended videos”

6. Use “MVC expression” for video tags

You know that tags are important in video SEO.

That’s because YouTube uses tags to understand the topic of the video.

In fact, when I analyzed YouTube videos, I found that YouTube video tags and rankings were correlated.

So how do you use the tags correctly?

That’s where the MVC formula comes in.

MVC is an abbreviation for “Main Keyword”, “Variations”, and “Category”.

Let’s explain each with a concrete example.

First is the “main keyword”. This would be literally read.

Use the main keyword for the first or second tag.

For example, my main keyword in this video is “link building”.

That’s why I use this phrase in the first tag.

Next is “variation”.

Here, let’s divide the main keyword into several variations.

Finally, include one or two tags that represent the overall category of your video.

These common keywords help YouTube understand the topics and categories of your entire video.

Image title: Include one or two common tags that represent the topic of the entire video

7. Share videos on Quora, Reddit, and Forums

Among them, there should be some questions that your video can answer.

For example, Reddit asks such a question.

“Does anybody have a thought for frozen nourishments or dinner packs?”

8. Display video in Google search

If you can display your video on Google search, you can expect a huge number of views.

In fact, Google brings 8,000 or more views per month.

So how can you get the video to appear in Google Search?

Displaying first place on YouTube is not everything.

In fact, according to a survey by Stone Temple Consulting, 55.2% of YouTube videos on Google search are different from the ranking of search results on YouTube.

here’s how to increase your chances of getting your video to the top of Google search.

First, let’s say the target keyword loudly in the video.

And the phrase “SEO tutorial” is mentioned four times in the video.

This is probably the main reason why this keyword is displayed in the top three.

Next, upload a transcript of your video (your own subtitles) to YouTube.

This will give Google a 100% understanding of the content in the video.

Image title: Google can understand the content 100% by uploading the transcript

9. Optimize videos for comments, likes and subscriptions

Video views are important in YouTube’s algorithms.

But we’re also seeing user engagement with your video.

In fact, I’ve been researching the ranking factors of YouTube search engines and found that there is a strong correlation between YouTube rankings and user engagement.

What’s the best way to get more engagement in your video?

It’s very simple. Just ask your users to engage your video.

At the end of the video, just ask to leave a comment and subscribe.

This will help to get 4,348 comments.

10. Master the basics of YouTube SEO

If you want to get more views on YouTube, you need to learn about YouTube SEO .

The basic items that I especially want to master are as follows.

  • Keyword research for videos
  • Title, description, tag optimization
  • Improving audience retention and viewing time
  • YouTube Engagement Signal

11. Upload videos when your audience is on YouTube

When is that the best time to upload a video to YouTube?

Is it 3:00 pm on Tuesday?

What about 6am on Saturday?

the solution is when your subscribers are on YouTube.

Unfortunately, YouTube doesn’t tell you when many subscribers are online.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to try different days and times when the best time for your channel is.

You can also use a tool like VidIQ to analyze the best time to post.


That’s the way to get more YouTube views. i might like to hear your opinion on this text . Which of the strategies presented during this article would you wish to undertake first?

 Is it a BOGY thumbnail?

 Is it a post to the community?

In any case, please leave a comment below and allow us to know what you think that

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