Artificial Intelligence Tool :

Artificial intelligence represents the marriage between natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to create a literary neural network.

Top 5 AI Writing Tools of 2022 To Generate Content Ideas

AI software trainers “teach” this neural network what makes for compelling reading by letting it examine samples of world-class writing and then letting it experiment on its own.

After acquiring extensive knowledge over time through intense repetition, AI writing assistants can begin to mimic real-life writers. And they can do so with uncanny accuracy generating content that’s typo free with perfect grammar.

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What are the best AI writing tools ?

Here is a list of the best AI writing tools. I will give you an overview of each one and call out key features, pricing, and the bottom line. How to find the best AI copywriting tool is entirely up to you and your needs. I hope this AI writing tool buying guide helps you!

1. Jasper AI :

Jasper AI (formerly Jarvis AI) is the all-around best option if you need an AI writing app. It has some of the best output for different types of content, including listicles and short copy snippets. It’s easy to use, and there’s nothing like its long-form assistant.

Note : Best for Power Users

Pros :

  • Amazing features and templates
  • Easy to use, despite being complex
  • Long-form assistant is a huge plus

Cons :

  • Can get a bit expensive
  • Output is not top-notch all the time

5. Frase :

Frase is a content writing software that helps identify and categorize content opportunities based on search results.

The software can be used to plan content and optimize this for SEO. Of course, Frase also has a built-in AI writing tool that can generate original content for you.

For the purpose of this Frase review, I will only be focusing on the AI writing tool.

Note : Best for SEO Copywriting

Pros :

  • Extremely easy to use
  • SEO optimized content based on top search results
  • The content reads relatively naturally
  • A great tool for structuring and researching content

Cons :

  • The AI writer shouldn’t be used for introductions and conclusions
  • A few minor grammatical errors
  • Still needs a human touch

3. Rytr :

Rytr is an AI writing tool that helps you pump out content faster. Like most of its competitors, Rytr is based on OpenAI’s GPT-3 API, an open-source machine learning project. You just give it some instructions, and Rytr starts creating content based on them.

Rytr is the best budget-friendly AI writer. It doesn’t have as many templates as Copy AI, and its document editing doesn’t match Jasper AI. But you can’t get anything better in this price range.

Note : Best for Beginners

Pros :

  • Amazing features and templates
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Advanced Text Editing Options
  • Different Marketing Structures (AIDA, PAS)

Cons :

  • Can get a bit expensive

4. Surfer :

Surfer is the Content Intelligence tool that merges content strategy, creation, and optimization into one smooth process – to help content teams grow brands, organic traffic, and revenue. Surfer’s mission is to support everyone in delivering the best, most relevant content and raise the quality of the web.

We believe marketing results and user satisfaction go hand in hand, and you should never sacrifice one for the other.

Note : Best for SEO Writing

Pros :

  • Amazing features for SEO Auditing & Monitoring
  • SEO Reporting
  • Many Languages Supported

Cons :

  • Can get a bit expensive

5. CopyAI : is an ai writer that according to Linkedin, was founded in 2020 and has 16 employees, primarily located in the United States. is the latest addition to an expanding list of artificial intelligence (AI) writing tools. Not just for run-of-the-mill content, though. The service is smart enough to distinguish between content intent such as slogans, marketing copy, or even punchy headlines. can be an excellent way for busy marketers and small business owners to get more out of their time and money when creating content for their businesses or websites.

Note : Best for digital marketers

Pros :

  • It has a simple interface that’s easily understood
  • Includes a decent text editor
  • Create multiple content types with templates
  • You can style content to specific tones
  • AIDA and PAS frameworks supported
  • Useful tutorials in the help center
  • Easy content sharing

Cons :

  • May lag while generating content
  • Highly random content sometimes appears
  • It needs lots of fact-checking
  • Building long-form copy can be frustrating

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