Do you know that seventy-five percent of non-mandatory spending will be controlled by women by 2028?

Pinterest, one of the top influential social media platforms, issued its report just before this year’s women’s day, which fortunately turned out to be solidifying women’s interests and dominance in the social media world.

Pinterest Engineering – Medium

In its report, Pinterest indicated that eighty percent of the US mothers and seventy-five percent of millennial women had contributed heavily to making women the top users of Pinterest with a 60% score.

Many trends have caught the eye and helped many female users generate brilliant ideas about home improvement, clothing, traveling, budgeting about living, negotiating compensation, or buying a new home.

Pinterest is now a platform to which women look upon for support and empowerment. Many trends have encouraged women to create, share, and motivate others for betterment. Here we will look into some of the trendiest searches that Pinterest has highlighted.

Solo Living – Major chunk of searches came for living solo. It shows that women are more interested in spending more time and energy in upgrading their solitary lives. Only searches for buying a new place are up with 124%. Even solo date idea searches are up by 57%.

Motivation & Self Improvement – It is heartwarming to know that searches about going back to school as mothers have increased by 53%. Women are noticing their self-worth. Searches for how to ask about increment in wages are up with a whopping 254%.

The report by Pinterest has raised the bar quite up, and it is motivating and encouraging for women. Now no choice is too big for them. They know their worth, stand for their rights, know how to be empowered, and, most importantly, groom themselves in the right direction.


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