Let’s head to Canada to meet Youtubers who have built their community step by step. These personalities are now enjoying great success in Canada and around the world thanks to their creative and engaging videos.

Here everyone has their specialty : Music, gaming, beauty, technology, and cooking!

Through this article, you will have the pleasure of discovering incredible YouTube channels made by your distant cousins.


1 – Vanoss Gaming – 25.5M subscribers

Evan Fong aka Vanoss Gaming is a Canadian video game commentator, music producer and DJ from Toronto. He is very active on YouTube where he posts either gaming or humorous best-of his gaming sessions.

Games such as Call of Duty or Far Cry played with friends and punctuated with comments, jokes and exclamations in voiceover.  It’s probably the authenticity of this Toronto youtuber that makes him so popular. His videos are not limited to a single game in particular and are highly noted for the specific artistic nature that emerges in each one of them.

The wealthy YouTuber also runs a music YouTube channel even though it is, by far, less popular than his gaming channel.

2 – Unbox Therapy – 17.8M subscribers

Unbox Therapy is a Youtube channel specializing in technology and electronic devices. Unbox Therapy is hosted by Lewis George Hilsenteger and the videos are filmed by Jack McCann. Followed by more than 17M subscribers, they are among the 1st youtubers to offer videos of this genre. Today, Unbox Therapy is internationally recognized and their videos are highly anticipated.

They present the latest innovations in terms of electronic devices. In 2014, the channel created the Buzz on Youtube thanks to its video ‘Iphone 6 Plus Blend Test’ which shows Lewis folding the iphone 6 Plus between his hands. This buzz video today has more than 80M views.

3 – IISuperwomanII – 14.9M subscribers

Best known by her pseudonym IISuperwomanII, Lilly Saini Singh is a 30-year-old Indo-Canadian YouTuber, comedian and actress. Born in Scarborough, Ontario, Little Lilly dreamed of becoming a rapper, singer and actress. After having met a colossal success on Youtube with more than 14.8 M subscribers around the world, the young woman is now also an actress and TV host.

But Lilly Singh continues to make us laugh on Youtube, she posts several videos every month where she invites other stars and comedians to join her in her sketches.

4 – MrSuicideSheep – 12.7M subscribers

1,200,000 and a few subscribers, and Mr. Suicide Sheep makes us smile with his unique tracks. Mixing a light electronic style and more pronounced tracks on a chillstep genre, energy and sweetness are at the rendezvous.

In addition to the simple sounds available on the channel, there are also many mixes from one to two hours, perfect for afternoon breathing laziness and chillance. This channel is rare little pearl that will surely end up in your playlist.

5 – AsapSCIENCE – 9.58M subscribers

The AsapSCIENCE Youtube channel is an interesting concept that simply answers scientific questions. It was created by the two canadians Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown and which answers various questions in the form of a colorful and childish stop-motion. You will learn, for example, that it is not very wise to use the “repeat” button on your alarm clock, because your sleep may be fragmented and therefore not very restful.

Answering all our more or less existential questions (like zombie science), AsapSCIENCE is a smart way to cultivate yourself while having fun.

6 – Monstercat : Uncaged – 7.58M scubscribers

Monstercat is a weekly live podcast full of electro tracks. This promotional brand is from Quebec and has a large community behind it (of artists and fans). They empower creative people, musicians, artists, developers, entrepreneurs and influencers young and old. If you are fans of electro music, you must have already heard one of their publications.

7 – Epic meal time – 7M subscribers

Piles of hamburgers trapped in Jack D. lacquered bacon, this is the American Dream hardcore sauce that Epic Meal Time offers. What was initially a joke between friends has become a real war machine on the video platform : Epic Meal Time has 7 million subscribers and around  863 million cumulative views. This is almost as huge as their extravagant banquets that have platonists only the risk of heart attack.

The success of the channel is mainly due to the “performance” aspect of the show and the natural human fascination for fat, sugar and unhealthy consorts.

8 – MatthewSantoro – 6.29M subscribers

Over a duration of about 5 minutes to 8 minutes, this Canadian youtuber presents us with strange, funny and often surprising facts. It is often relevant and interesting. This comes in the form of top 10 or derivative.

Thus, in one of the videos, he will present ten extraordinary dinosaurs, in another, ten terrifying serial killers, or ten technologies straight out of science fiction but which exist in reality… It seems all stupid but the guy does a big job in terms of research and gives us quality content in a synthetic way in a super regular way.

9 – Peter McKinnon – 5.32M subscribers

Peter McKinnon is a Canadian photographer, filmmaker and vlogger who quickly emerged from relative obscurity to become one of the most popular creators on YouTube.

Her videos consist of a mix of content that includes vlogs, behind-the-scenes artwork, and advice videos for aspiring videographers and photographers.

If you’re looking at YouTube as a career or just want to have some inspiration to create your own content in this particular field, this is the man to follow.

10 – Allegra Shaw – 917K subscribers

Allegra Shaw is a well-known Canadian fashion and lifestyle blogger. Since 2011, this fashionista has launched her Youtube channel which is a great success with more than 900K subscribers. She shares her looks, travels, hauls and wellness tips on video.

Allegra is also an entrepreneur, passionate about fashion, she has created her own Uncle Studio clothing brand with a modern and refined style made from eco-friendly materials.

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