In today’s fast-paced world, it is essential to create an electronic currency that can be exchanged through its own payment network. Therefore, such a currency was introduced in 2009 as Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency.

The creator of cryptocurrency, “Satoshi Nakamoto”, realized that the world needed an electronic payment system based on cryptocurrency. This led him to create a decentralized digital currency that could be bought, sold and exchanged effortlessly and without interference from middlemen or governments.

With the passage of time and the rapidly growing opportunities to make money, countless people have tried to make a lot of money with Bitcoin.

There are many investment opportunities waiting for you at your doorstep, you just need to work hard, discover them and take advantage of them.

For a long time, “how to make money with bitcoin” has been a popular topic all over the internet, so we have chosen this topic to end the bitcoin discussion once and for all. Our team has done a lot of research on Bitcoin and written important information on how to make money with Bitcoin.


How can you make money with Bitcoin in 2021?

Hold on to your horses! We also show you how to make money with cryptocurrencies.

What is Bitcoin?

Understanding the actual concept of Bitcoin is very simple. It is a computer file stored in a digital wallet application. You can send Bitcoins with your digital wallet and vice versa (the other person can send Bitcoins to your wallet).

It is not a physical asset. Therefore, do not pay attention to the images shown on the website as they are only hypothetical representations of the digital currency. You can also buy Bitcoin and hold it until the price rises.

All transactions in Bitcoin are recorded in a public list called the blockchain. It is a decentralized technology that makes it easy to manage and record transactions. However, cryptocurrency is a form of payment that uses blockchain technology.

Cryptocurrency is mainly used to exchange goods and services online and is not controlled by any particular organization or government agency. Instead, it is managed and operated by nodes spread around the world. Furthermore, this digital currency is secured by cryptography, which frustrates hackers because it is impossible to counterfeit cryptocurrencies.

More than 20 million Bitcoins can exist on the blockchain, which can be divided into smaller units. The smallest Bitcoin unit, also known as Satoshi Nakamoto, is worth 0.00000001.

Which cryptocurrency will win the battle?

In total, there are more than 5,000 traded cryptocurrencies with a market capitalization of more than $200 billion. However, the 3 cryptocurrencies that are considered the most powerful are.

  • Bitcoin, with a market cap of $1,051,179,684,596.
  • Ether, with a market cap of $389,488,966,162.
  • Binance coin, with a market cap of $100,665,561,023.

As you already know, Bitcoin is the granddaddy of all cryptocurrencies. It was also the first cryptocurrency to be introduced into the market. After its launch, several other cryptocurrencies like Ripple (XRP), Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Chaincoin and many more gained attentions. Another reason for Bitcoin’s global recognition is that countless people have made a lot of money and enriched themselves with it. For this reason, it is gaining more and more recognition worldwide.

The history of Bitcoin

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency and was introduced by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. However, at the time of its launch, no one knew or had heard of the term “cryptocurrency”.

Until 2013, Bitcoin traded at a price of no more than $10 each. Shortly after 2013, however, it reached a peak price of over $200. Then, starting in 2015, Bitcoin’s value experienced a huge surge. For comparison, in 2017 it passed the $1,000 mark.

At the beginning of 2018, the bitcoin price improved to around $10,000. A few months later, however, the price fell to almost $6,000. There is a lot of speculation about the cause of the collapse at the peak.

Although these are prices from three years ago, if you were to check the current prices, you would know that the price of bitcoin is rising and growing every day. the current price of bitcoin in 2021 is $53,500. yes, you heard right.

The reasons for the increase in value can vary depending on external market factors and variables. Many cryptocurrencies have emerged in recent years, but investing in bitcoin has proven to be one of the best ways to make money. It has promoted wealth and made many people millionaires.

How can you make money with Bitcoin?

If this is your question, the wait is over. We have introduced you to all the basics of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin, so now you are ready to know the ways to make money.

Here are the most effective methods to help you understand how to make money with Bitcoin.

  • Mining

This is one of the best ways to make a lot of money with Bitcoin. You can make a lot of money by solving cryptographic puzzles and adding new blocks to the Bitcoin blockchain network.

It involves 2 types of mining.

Ø Personal mining

This type of mining is done by individuals. Since Bitcoin is very successful, it is considered one of the most difficult cryptocurrencies to mine. The supply of Bitcoin is limited compared to its demand. Therefore, after setting the price for energy and maintenance, you may have to work to make a big profit.

Ø Cloud mining

Most people opt for cloud mining because this mining process does not involve recurring costs and rising electricity bills. You only have to pay a one-time contract fee. Also, you don’t have to buy any software or hardware. Therefore, it has become a great option for personal mining as you will still get your share of the pie.

Your income is solely based on the plan you choose and how much power the facility where the cloud mining service is located uploads.

All you need is knowledge and skill before you jump into the pool and invest your money in a mining venture.


Always make sure to check the reputation of the cloud mining company before investing your hard earned money.

v Buy and hold bitcoins

Many people believe in simple formulas. For example, buy a commodity when the price is low, hold it until it settles (the price goes up), and then sell it or hold it longer. Long-term investors usually follow this approach.

To buy Bitcoins, buy a Bitcoin wallet. Invest, hold (wait for the right time) and then sell.

If you believe that the price of Bitcoin will rise in the future, you can invest and buy some Bitcoins and once the price rises, sell and enjoy the profits. In fact, this method is not like a short-term investment and you may need to hold them for the long term as they are not linked to luxury goods. However, you should know the right time to sell.

You can also invest in businesses/organizations, blockchain, startups, development, etc. and make money with Bitcoin. However, before making research-intensive investments, you need to determine the potential of the business by analyzing the market demand, expert opinions, white papers, etc. In this way, you can find a hidden treasure.

v Accept bitcoin payments

Today, many businesses have started accepting Bitcoin as a payment method for providing goods and services. If other businesses are starting to do this, why shouldn’t you? Go ahead and accept Bitcoin as a payment method.

Accepting Bitcoin as payment is a simple process. For example, if you have a physical shop, you can accept Bitcoin by simply putting up a small sign in your showroom/store. And if you have an online business, you can use a payment processor or put a banner on your homepage. Whichever way you choose, integrating bitcoin into your payment ecosystem opens up the world.

More importantly, it makes your payments secure and speeds up the payment process. Plus, you can receive payments from anywhere in the world without any hassle. All you need is a bitcoin wallet to receive bitcoins as payments. This eliminates dependence on third-party payment processing and can prevent losses.

v Earn Bitcoins by becoming an affiliate

You can use social media platforms to make a lot of money with Bitcoin. You can become an affiliate of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency companies, promote their products or services, increase your traffic and earn commissions for every sale that converts. The amount of commission is based solely on increasing your customer base and sales.

You can use your social media followers to influence and convince customers why they should buy this product/service. You can also make huge profits by running an affiliate program that shows people how to make money with cryptocurrency.

The only thing you need to make sure of is that you sign up with a credible affiliate program because no one wants to sell junk products. Another thing you can do is share links and websites on social media when promoting your product or service.

v Borrow bitcoins

The best thing about paying and accepting payments with bitcoin is that you don’t need an institution to verify it. You will be able to make the transaction without any hassle. So why not offer credit and lend Bitcoins to other people for interest?

Think of it this way. If you don’t want to make money with bitcoin, let bitcoin make money for you! Wouldn’t that be great?

Many sites will help you with loans, including Bitbond, Unchained Capital, BTCpop and many others. Choosing a reliable loan source is crucial; otherwise, you could end up losing all your bitcoins. All reputable lending platforms offer APRs of up to 15%.

v Small income

A small income is not enough to change your net worth, which is perfectly acceptable. However, it is certainly a reliable source of income that will help you cover your daily expenses and living needs. We also assume that you work with reputable PTC sites that pay you to open certain web pages, click on certain ads or links, watch videos or play games. In this case, you can get paid in Bitcoin.

Although these sites do not pay very well, it is still one of the fastest ways to make money quickly. Some of the sites that pay in Bitcoins for completing online tasks and surveys are adBTC, Coinpayu, Coinadder and BTC4ADS.

v Trading

Many people trade Bitcoin and make a lot of money. The most skilled traders analyse trading charts, study the market, evaluate external factors and are willing to take risks.

When these traders overshoot their current trades, they close their positions to make profits. The best part is that you can trade as much as you want in the bitcoin world 24×7.

When you invest your money in bitcoin, you have 4 trading strategies to choose from which include.

  1. Day trading: also known as intraday trading, investors buy and sell a position within one trading day. The main advantage of day trading is that you do not have to pay overnight funding fees for your positions.
  2. Bitcoin Hedging – This is a strategy where you try to reduce risk by hedging a position you have already bought. This type of trading is usually done when the market is going against you.
  3. Trend trading – People who trend trade choose positions that are in line with the current trend. For example, if the trend is up, you would choose a long term trade.
  4. HODL (Buy and Hold) – This is a strategy where you buy Bitcoin and hold until the price goes up. Generally, this trade involves a long-term investment and requires a lot of patience if you choose HODL.

v Earn money with tips

One of the most effective ways to make money with Bitcoin is to help people and get tips from them. If you want to earn Bitcoins with tips, you can use a platform called Bitfortip.

If you support other people and help them with different tasks online, they can reward you with BTC as a reward. It can include a variety of tasks such as giving answers to technical questions, promoting your products or services, streaming video games, finding the right clothes and much more.

Nowadays, many platforms have integrated payment services with cryptocurrencies; just try it out to make excellent money.

v Bitcoin talk forum activity

Bitcoin talk is a platform created by Satoshi Nakamoto, the founder of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. It is one of the oldest and most recognized forums in the cryptocurrency space and has a lot of people using it.

If you are active on the Bitcoin talk forums and are an avid follower, you can even get paid for every post you make there. When you get paid for your posts, your signature gets sponsored too. Wow.

v Bug bounties

The incentives offered by various organizations and software developers for finding bugs or other errors in their systems are a great source of income and increase your income. Mainly, they reward you for maintaining their systems. In addition, you can also earn Bitcoins by improving their ecosystem for users.

Basic principles you should follow if you want to invest in the Bitcoin world.

  • Research thoroughly
  • Analyse the market
  • Anticipate all your risks and choose an approach that meets all your needs
  • Ask the experts and read the articles before investing
  • Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

Bitcoin is only worthwhile if you follow the basics and don’t take risks you can’t afford. While people have experienced huge gains in the Bitcoin world, at the same time some have suffered huge losses on their Bitcoin investments.

It is obvious that you will prefer to be in the first category of people who make huge gains. To ensure this, you should be patient and cautious when venturing into a volatile market.

What are the steps of bitcoin trading?

1. Analyse the factors that influence the bitcoin price

The most important thing is to measure the factors that affect the price of bitcoin, which can be.

  1. Supply – The supply of bitcoin is limited to 21 million. Since its launch in 2009, there has been speculation that its demand will dry up in a few years. If the supply of Bitcoin is limited, the price of Bitcoin may increase in the future.
    1. Integration- If bitcoin’s public image is integrated with a strong banking framework and the latest payment systems, then the demand for bitcoin may increase.
    1. Other developments- If there is a security breach, government intervention, regulatory changes and macroeconomic announcements about bitcoin, this could have a major impact on the price, either positive or negative.
    1. External market factors – Can include any recent news related to bitcoin value that could have a negative or positive impact on its overall market price.

2. choose the way you want to present yourself

It is imperative to know which ways will help you gain the most attention for bitcoin. Below are these 3 ways.

  1. Buy Bitcoins through an exchange. This method is mainly chosen by people who use the HODL strategy. These people own Bitcoins directly and sell them in the future when the price of Bitcoin increases.

However, there are some factors to consider when buying Bitcoins through an exchange, including.

  • Bitcoin exchanges charge a fee and have certain restrictions on deposits and withdrawals.
    • They usually do not offer good customer support.
    • Lack of proper regulation.
    • Bitcoin servers and matching engines are not entirely reliable. This can often lead to market suspensions or lower execution accuracy.
  1. Trade Bitcoin derivatives. You can trade Bitcoin derivatives with Contracts for Difference (CFD) to speculate on Bitcoin prices. This is a financial contract where you pay the settlement spread to open and close a trade without owning bitcoin. The main benefits of trading bitcoin derivatives are.
  • Hedging – Hedge your bitcoin derivatives to reduce the risk of market crashes.
    • Deep liquidity – The Bitcoin market is very broad and liquid due to the large client base, which means you can sell your orders at the ideal price.
    • Leverage and Margin – All you need to do is make a notional deposit known as margin and use leverage to play big.


It is considered one of the riskiest trading methods as it is very unpredictable and leads to big gains or heavy losses.

  1. Crypto 10 Index: Trading via the Crypto 10 Index gives you great exposure to 10 strong cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, in a single trade. The index tracks or reflects the underlying market price of these cryptocurrencies.

3. Know your limits

Not only can you set limits in your head on how much you want to invest, but you can also set limits for yourself.

a) Guaranteed Stop Loss. Regardless of any slippage, close your position at the level you have already set. Only if your guaranteed stop loss is triggered will you be charged a commission.

b) Ordinary Stop Loss. These stops can slip even though the position is closed at the set level.

c) Trailing stops. These stops are based solely on market movements to lock in profits while limiting risk. However, like normal stops, trailing stops are subject to slippage.

4. watch your trades

If you want to trade bitcoin, this is one of the most important steps you should take. If you don’t monitor your trades, you won’t know if the price is going up or down, which will cause you to miss the right buying or selling opportunities. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the market is moving as you expect it to and should not be ignored.

Technical indicators should also be taken into account to judge whether the price of bitcoin will go up or down.

5. close positions to make profits or reduce losses.

When you reach a level where you can no longer take risk, you can cut your losses. And when your position reaches a level where you can accumulate good profits, close it and enjoy the gains.

Why invest in Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a one-stop solution for all your trading and investing needs. And there are many reasons to invest your time and money in the vast world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

If you have a thorough knowledge and deep understanding of investing or trading cryptocurrencies, you have a great chance to increase your wealth significantly. There are many people today who are willing to invest in the bitcoin world, but we recommend that you only do so if you have a deep insight, as it is often said, “To succeed in business, you need to understand the maths.”

With that in mind, we want to show you the top reasons why you should consider investing in Bitcoin.

  • Strong future potential
    • Huge potential for accelerated returns
    • More reliable compared to other cryptocurrencies
    • User autonomy
    • Low transaction fees for international payments
    • No bank fees
    • Peer-to-peer approach

The price of cryptocurrencies is volatile; if you have a risk tolerance, you can invest in this sector, be patient and get good returns.

If you are a seasoned investor, bitcoin may not be for you. However, people who invest in bitcoin believe that they have the potential to make a lot of money with bitcoin in the future, and they are right.

The value of bitcoin could increase tremendously in the future, but many people choose to trade in the short term for security reasons. Instead of investing in bitcoin for the long term, they trade it to profit from short-term price fluctuations. On the other hand, there are those who see the need to take a risk and bet on Bitcoin’s long-term success.

Investing in cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin

If you want to invest for the long term, the first thing you should do is make sure that you choose a reliable and secure exchange. Another important thing to keep in mind is that you should not invest in unsecured cryptocurrencies.

Just remember that knowledge is the key. Now that you know how to make money with Bitcoin, it is your turn to choose which method you want to use to make money with the cryptocurrency. Regardless of which method you choose, you will make great profits. As long as you have confidence, patience and believe in yourself.

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