Welcome to the world of cute animals, challenges, make up, pranks, music and, in other words, Youtube, where almost 5 billion videos are watched every day.

Youtube is now the second most used search engine in the world after Google.

A video on YouTube represents content, a “gateway” to your work that will be borrowed by some of your future customers. Inevitably, the more ideas you find for original Youtube videos to post, the more likely you are to make views.


Want to get started on Youtube in 2021 ?

Creating the original video content is becoming more and more challenging and It’s even harder to set up your YouTube channel and promote it.

To inflate your creativity to block and move you one step closer to your video creation process, we have prepared a list of 10 themes ideas from Youtube for beginners.

1. Vlogs

Filming your days on a daily basis is the new, but more joyful, diary. the vlog is a blog with video-oriented content. The principle is to tell/show your life, on video. Indeed, we are increasingly preferring to watch a good video rather than reading a text, and think of it as a nice way to capture and share memories of your life.

Talk about overcoming a personal struggle, your morning/night routine, Your bucketlist, cover an event, share a talent or a skill,  share a cool, funny, scary or interesting story about your life. Show a workout or what you do in a day, do a House or Room Tour. just watch out for this format that can quickly become boring when you have nothing really special to tell.

2. Gaming

Youtube Gaming is a gaming hub that was created for gamers and launched in 2015. you could review/share your opinion on different games you’ve played or suggest a game idea as an experienced player. Test Gaming Equipment like new headsets, mice, keyboards, laptops, computers, controller etc.

online-livestreams are also one of the most popular types of videos. You can put yourself online and make observations on a gameplay and show the procedure or reveal some game secrets and surprise your audience. Discuss the latest news from the gaming world – is there any interesting news out there, or even appalling from the gaming industry ? Talk about the the future of gaming – what can players hope for in the future ? Do you have any theories? Share some interesting predictions with your audience.

3. Tech and gadgets

The digital revolution is taking its course, and we see in the wake of a multiplication of offers and high-tech products. Computers, mobile phones, tablets, connected objects or still cameras, it is sometimes difficult to choose the right device among the thousands of choices available. This is where high-tech Youtubers intervene who, through their wise advice, guide internet users to choose the device that will suit them best.

Because of this and their strong potential to Influence Marketing, many brands and companies use them for product placement or sponsored posts. These types of videos can get a lot of views, as people tend to check out the reviews before making a purchase. You can discuss the latest technology news and updates or about the features and performance of specific devices. You can also be the first to introduce a new gadget or device, and why not Show off your own!

4. Kitchen / Food

Are you the next Gordon Ramsay or Jamie Oliver? If you want to create a kitchen channel, post videos about food products or just have a passion for food, then you should try sharing recipes, Start with the simplest ones and show that preparing appetizing and tasty food can be easy. Create fun and interactive cooking videos with your kids.  Try Filming cooking contests – they are very popular nowadays. But, you can think about the very unusual competitions, such as cooking with one hand or even with closed eyes. You can try Street food if you know where to find a good one, taste it and share your impressions.

Create videos about different types of cooking or dishes of different nations – what is the most popular food from around the world? What is the most delicious dessert in the world? And for those who really want to go into boldness, there’s the mukbang, some mukbangers accumulate thousands of dollars in donations with each meal on a broadcast in which a host consumes large quantities of food while interacting with the audience.

5. Unboxings

Consumer society Hello! Did you know that entire chains were dedicated to unboxing toys and that children loved this format ? Of course, if I tell you about it in this article, you suspect that it’s because it is not only aimed at Children. As with magazines, unboxings focus on discovering new objects and for small businesses, this specific corner of Youtube is important.

The principle is simple : you open the product in video. Whether it’s a notebook or a computer, anything is possible (and it works best when the product is expensive or pretty). If you’re an automotive enthusiast, tools, gear and gadgets for cars would be perfect or If you’re a fashionista, you can unbox seasonal favorites from popular clothing and accessory brands.

6. Music/Dance

If you have the perfect pitch, a unique voice or unusual flexibility, then you must undoubtedly share your talents with the world. Try to make musical covers – can you make an exclusive and impressive cover that will be better than the original ? If you make high-quality covers, your chances of being noticed are higher. Mashup is an amazing way to combine different songs using your creativity.

Combine your new track with unique and creative visuals to give it a competitive edge and an opportunity to become the next hit. Give your audience the opportunity to witness the process of making music in a studio. Lyrics videos are also popular among music lovers But make sure you don’t have typos or faults in the text. If you’re passionate about dancing, try a dance concept video like Telling your story through a dance or filming choreography videos, tutorials, demonstrations, throw competitions/challenges and compilations.

7. Fitness/Health

Nowadays, people are so obsessed with fitness and sports. Most of us go to the gym or yoga classes. In addition, we like to watch workout videos and learn new exercises. Video shooting is a great opportunity to show off your 6-pack abs and teach your audience how to get them. You can Present the best exercises for a full-body workout. Make 15-minute, 30-minute, or 1-month full workout plans for amateurs or skilled ones.

If you’re a professional, then you can also help your audience with choosing the right vitamins and supplements to gain muscle and share your own experience and results with your viewers. Help your audience to find the best ways to lose weight. If you’re preparing to run a marathon or take part in a competition, you can shoot the training process, your daily routine or your diet plan.

8. Storytimes

This format allows Youtubers to share life stories to their community. They often take inspiration from recurring requests posted in comments to adapt to the expectations of their subscribers. These stories can be funny, sad, sometimes intimate. It’s a great way to pass on emotions and associate a brand on a dedicated partnership, and therefore be the only advertiser present throughout the video.

Tell about the first time you fell in love. Talk about a time you lied to a parent. The day that everything went wrong or when your boyfriend/girlfriend cheated! Be sure to ask your audience what sort of story they’d like to hear from you next and add the word “storytime” to your video title!

9. ASMR and relaxation

If you haven’t heard of autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) yet, you’ve had to live without the internet for some time… And this concept may seem extremely bizarre to you. ASMR is defined as a “feeling of calm and pleasure often accompanied by a tingling sensation”. ASMR occurs in response to certain stimuli and is sometimes equated to an orgasm of the brain.

A huge majority say they use it as a way to relax, or even help them fall asleep. The 2015 study also suggests that as well as meditation, ASMR could improve mood and some pain, and could even help people with depression. A lot of people like watching other people get a massage, like enjoying the sounds of a scalp massage, so grab a friend and create a massage role play. You can make a lot of nice sounds with paper, make-up brush that runs on a microphone, whispers, role-playing and even chewing noises, everything goes there.

10. Humor and animals

The place of animals on the internet continues to grow, and allows experts or enthusiasts to share their passion with the whole world. These channels are traditionally especially popular, but on one condition they must be funny.  Pets are adorable, and every moment spent with them must be valued and recorded. Whether it’s a talking video or other activities, it’s fun to rate down each of their moments and get excited about putting them online.

It is not good to download the video as is. To make it viral, you have to go further and use a suitable software, designed to edit such videos. what if your jokes are successful with your friends ? Be aware that humorous YouTube channels are hugely successful and can open doors like the stage or TV.

11. Cosmetics and makeup

Women are also responsible for a good part of the audience of YouTube videos with makeup / beauty channels, which also have good financial potential, due to the public interest. Cosmetic brands are investing in spreading their products on the Internet, ensuring that women without stereotypical models address their target audience directly. Let everyone know about the best of the best in beauty this year or this past season.

Talk about your favourites (makeup, skincare, and general life favourites). Let your viewers know what to buy from a brand, and what not to buy. Show everyone why you do what you do. Do half a face of makeup and let them see the power of makeup. Want to mix it up? Let your friend, boyfriend, or dad pick out the makeup you have to put on your face. you can always take inspiration from others beauty youtubers content ideas.

12. Educational

YouTube offers a great sounding board for knowledge and ideas, not only in terms of opinions and beliefs but also in the field of schooling and academic knowledge. Every day, more than a billion educational videos are viewed on YouTube. Share your knowledge and passion on a subject beyond classrooms, conference rooms or your drawing board to reach an international audience.

Determine the audience for which you want to create content and then Set the goals you will pursue by launching an educational channel for DIY, tips videos, teaching professional skills or your general knowledge of a subject. Etc.

We hope you enjoyed the article.

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