Are you ready to receive quality backlinks and improve your site ranking in Google?

Great just read it till the end and you’ll be able to achieve your desire right away! In this article, I’ll discuss 9 linking recommended strategies that work very well for improving your site ranking and to attract much more traffic.

But before diving into it let us understand what backlink exactly is? And why we use it right?

Let us get started!


What is a backlink ?

A “backlink” is a hyperlink that you can click to go from one website to another. In fact, a backlink is just a reference to a web page called “B” from a web page called “A”. Here, the operator of the web page “A” links to a backlink that introduces the content of the web page “B” to the visitor on a topic. Backlinks help Google determine the suitability of your website. As mentioned earlier, backlinks are like referrals that recommend one website to another, so they are often a reliable indicator of the quality of your content.

Website operators usually only link to websites that have content that adds value to their readers, so Google provides backlinks from reliable, high-quality sites. It is important. Acquiring a lot of such backlinks will lead to an increase in the search ranking. In fact, it has been confirmed that the good quality backlinks acquired over the years have led to the ranking of websites. However, just waiting for it to be backlinked can be time consuming.

The magic wand that appears there is “link building”. Link building is the proactive search for backlinks from relevant, high-quality websites to your site in order to increase your position in search results. Link building is part of optimization with off-page SEO measures. However, the basis of link building is to create a link to your page using “anchor text” that contains narrowed keywords. The anchor text contains text that describes the content of the link.

Anchor text should be written in concise language so that the linked content can be seen at a glance. By doing so, users who are visiting your website will be able to quickly understand the content of the linked content. Anchor text helps search engine crawlers match linked content

with related topics in search queries. However, you should always be careful to make the anchor text “natural” to avoid search engine penalties. For example, avoid using only anchor text such as “click here”.

The ideal use of anchor text changes with the times. Until very recently, it was said that “the more backlinks you have, the better you can use the desired keywords as anchor text.” However, it is now possible to use “natural” and varied anchor text and to get good backlinks from websites with medium to high visibility (where search users can easily find the site). , It is a higher priority item.

Building good backlinks is based on the acquisition of high quality backlinks, rather than relying on a jumble of large numbers of links. Websites that collect only low-quality internal links are now suspected of being “spam links” and can be penalized by search engines. In severe cases, it could even remove your site from Google’s search index. Therefore, it is even more important to focus on the naturally increasing number of link buildings.

How to identify high quality backlinks

Link Building Icons - Download Free Vector Icons | Noun Project

There are several ways to actively build backlinks, some of which are covered in this article. Before that, let’s first see what a good backlink looks like and learn how to intuitively identify the conditions for a good or bad backlink. Backlinks are meant to introduce a website reader to another site, so you need to make sure that the theme or content of the linked site is appropriate for the reader of the linking site.

Relevance to a topic plays an important role, as too many backlinks from websites with irrelevant content can be seen by search engines such as Google as a sign of unnatural backlinks. I will carry it. In addition, search engines such as Google are increasingly improving the technology to recognize the suitability of website content on a particular topic, so it is not only relevant to the topic, but also the content of the linked website. You need to reflect the latest information.

Another important criterion for determining a quality backlink is whether the backlink is classified as either “do follow” or “no follow”. Natural backlinks usually have both nofollow and dofollow links, but generally we consider dofollow, not nofollow, to be of value to search engine ranking systems. You can do it.

A website that has a good backlink if it meets the checklist below

  • The website has users commenting and the content reflects the latest information
  • The source topic and the linked topic are related
  • The link is set to do follow
  • Text links are “naturally” made from content
  • Visibility index is rising
  • Your domain has been in use for over a year (websites are less reliable if your domain is less than a year old)
  • No significant loss of visibility of 50% or more in a few weeks (if you see a drop, you may have been penalized by Google).

If the checklist below applies, then the website has a poor quality backlink

  • No user comments and no new content
  • No relevant links
  • The link is not placed in the main content, but in a hard-to-see place such as the sidebar or footer
  • There are many links with nofollow settings
  • Visibility index has been declining over the months
  • The website has not been updated and is difficult to use.

Whenever you leave a comment on the forum, it is set to nofollow, so you don’t have to check all the new backlinks against the checklist above. Be careful when embedding a backlink to your own website when posting a comment as a guest on a website. Leaving comments on forums can be a “contribution”, but posting comments on irrelevant or poor quality websites can have a significant negative impact on your site’s search ranking. Also, consider the time it takes to write a comment as a guest and always decide if it’s worth it.

Recommended Strategies for Backlinks

Now from here I’ll discuss the recommended strategies that you can apply and have some quality backlinks for your site to improve its ranking and have more traffic.

v Use data to get links from blogs and news sites

You can use HARO as a source of information for journalists. However, HARO connects you with journalists who plan ahead.

And what else does the reporter do? Of course they report the news! And news does not work in a specific program.

So, if you have the latest news about your position, this is a great opportunity to get names and links.

The alternative solution is as follows.

1.Monitor the news for new references to the main topics of the site.

The easiest way to do this is to set up Google Alerts or BuzzSumo Alerts.

2. Connect with value-added reporters.

If you want to get links from a news site, you have to do something.

You need to bring real value to the reporter. And ideally, make life easier for them.

“I saw you were writing about this, and I wrote about it,” he said. You are immediately marked as a spammer.

How do you add value? Here are some ideas:

  • Quote your personal comments from your industry. Enter the documents.
  • Provide your data or statistics.
  • Make another suggestion.
  • Create custom infographics or images that you can incorporate into your story.

In any case, there is one very important thing.

You have to act fast

Today’s newspaper is tomorrow’s recycling. Ideally, you want to be in touch with the news the same day.

Key point:

Create a personal blacklist of journalists covering your industry. Then ping as soon as you see the story break. This way you can identify them while they are still working on the article for printing.

v Skyscraper scale techniques

Yes, skyscraper content is my number one trusted way to build high quality links.

In fact, this skyscraper content I posted last year already has 2460 backlinks.

The best place? This method is very simple. In fact, it’s so simple that I can only summarize it in three steps:

  • Find popular content in its place. Tip: Popularity = Lots of backlinks.
  • Do something even better.
  • Announce one later!

Now, here are a few additional tips to help you develop this strategy:

Find popular content

Google’s first contact. Look for popular keywords in your niche, and it is a sure bet that page number 1 rankings will have backlinks that will improve that # 1 ranking.

However, suppose you do not know which topic is better for link capture. Is there a way to get rid of speculation?


(Note: You need an Ahrefs, Majestic or Moz account to do this)

Ahrefs and other link analysis tools have a report entitled “Best by Links”. This will display the most linked pages on each site. For example, you see that my Google Ranking Factor post links from 5000+ domains.

So connect your competitor site and find the most popular page and it is better to pay attention to it. Easy computer

Do something (much) better

Did you find the skyscraper screen? This is amazing. The next step is to create something even better.

Why, improving your page “slightly” does not mean cutting it off.

If you really want to import these links, you have to do better.

In fact, I’m trying to improve skyscraper content 5-10 times better than the current homepage.

What should I do?

Easy to find what is missing. Then fill in the blanks.

Here are some tips from my personal checklist:

  • Does the ranking page describe the issue in detail? Otherwise, try to cover all the things you missed.
  • Is the text on the ranking page heavy? In this case, I put attractive and high quality images in my post to make it more visually appealing.
  • Does the rating page contain videos? If not, add one. In fact, you anyway!
  • Does the rating page contain 10 tips? Then enter 20. Doubling is a good start.
  • Does the ranking page contain links to related resources? Otherwise, be sure to do so.

With that in mind, I have not found a page that does not multiply by 10 with much effort.

For example, a few months ago, I realized that most of the “How to Get More YouTube Subscribers” posts are awful.


  • Posted by people who do not have a successful YouTube channel.
  • They listed outdated strategies, technologies and features.
  • No image showed how to implement each strategy.
  • They all re-employed the same tired strategy.

Unlike other posts I have read, my post has the following:

  • A real example of how the channel grows with suggestions
  • A new strategy has not been found anywhere else

There are many pictures and images for easy understanding (and using this method).

Then advertise the hack

Connecting with the people you show in your content is a good place to start advertising content.

In addition, here are a few more tips:

  • Contact someone who links to a competitor page.
  • Contact the person who commented on the rival page.
  • Contact someone who has shared a competitor’s page on social media.
  • Contact someone who links to the other top 10 pages.

Make a great list of prospects … and make a fuss!

Key point:

Take a look at Skyscraper 2.0 to see how you can take this step to the next level.

v Man on the move Method 2.0

Nail the “Man on the Move” bar?

Another way to get quality links from old content is:

(Male method in motion 2.0)

This time … instead of focusing on companies that have become popular or renamed, we will use old information.

Why? Because the situation is changing!

This is a very simple example. Suppose you have a page that ranks the most popular websites in the world.

Now, YouTube has recently surpassed Facebook as the second most visited website on Earth.

And what do you think happened? Suddenly a large number of pages appeared containing ancient information.

Exactly, over 11,000!

(And this is just a query)

Now you have a complete “complete”.

We can:

  • Contact all sites with old information.
  • Notify that it has changed.
  • Guide them to our page while we are there!

Key Point:

If something in the industry has changed recently, use the Google History feature to find articles published before the change.

v Double effective content templates

When it comes to creating content that attracts quality links, I do not like to rely on speculation. And you should not do that either.

There are several proven content templates that people like to link to.

  • Send lists
  • Proof
  • Send “Why”
  • Publication of “Procedures”
  • Infographic video

However, every industry is different. The movie may work better in your world. And for others, this is a mailing list.

So it is better to try several different templates to see which one is best for you.

Then copy those templates.

Key point:

Combine two or more of these molds into one piece. Tip: Works well with “How to” list posts or “reason” posts that include infographics and video.

v Link building to source page

What is the purpose of the source page? To link to other useful pages!

And this is the dream of the link maker.

All you have to do is:

  • find them.
  • Make sure you have something worth linking to.
  • Achieve.

To be honest:

Finding them is probably the hardest part. So here are 10 advanced Google searches to help you:

  1. “{Yourkeyword}” + inurl: Resources
  2. “{Yourkeyword}” + inurl: Links
  3. “{Yourkeyword.” + Inurl: Recommended
  4. “{Yourkeyword}” + “Main Website”
  5. “{your keyword}” + “Main Site”
  6. “{Yourkeyword}” + “Suggested Website”
  7. “{Yourkeyword}” + “Recommended Resources”
  8. “{Yourkeyword}” + “Read more”
  9. “{Yourkeyword}” + “Recommended reading”
  10. “{your keyword}” + “proper site”

Key point:

As you can see in this round, the useful resource pages selected on your site are for getting high quality links. You can also visit other resource pages and suggest links to your resource pages. It’s a bit like Inception, but it still works.

v Mention unbranded brands

If someone mentions your brand in the article but does not include the link, this is a good opportunity.

All you have to do is get closer. And receive 9 out of 10 links.

I recommend setting brand alerts.

This way, you will be notified whenever your company is listed on the web.

Did you get the branding technique like “Man in Motion Method”? Then set an alert for it as well.

v Send email in two steps

A soft and gentle approach to disclosing results is better than requesting an immediate link.

Key Point:

Also, use this method before starting a new post. Refer to potential people for information about your future appointments and ask permission to send them. In most cases, the answer is definitely yes! A little politeness can help a lot in the field of communication.

v Blog comments

Another way to build a website backlink is to leave a comment on a different website or blog. Be sure to write deeper comments in your blog comments than “great article”. Leave a comment Read the article carefully and make a comment that is directly related to its content.

This will make it easier for you to post your comments and get backlinks. In general, most blog comments are set to nofollow by default. However, a decent nofollow link leads to much better results than no backlink at all.

To provide a free download 

To provide free something is an effective means for obtaining a back link. Free offers such as comparison charts, checklists, and e-books are often linked to other website owners for their own use.

Again, make sure you provide true added value and that your content is relevant to your website theme.

Are you ready to receive high quality backlinks?

Until a few years ago, it was the established theory that “the more backlinks your website has, the easier it is for search engines to rank higher.” However, a well-balanced combination of dofollow and nofollow links from high-quality, high-visibility websites is now the best way to build high-quality backlinks. High-quality content remains the most important factor in getting backlinks. The methods presented in this article are primarily focused on indirectly gaining backlinks by creating attractive websites in the first place.

It’s a time-consuming approach, but it’s the most successful method in the end. It’s also important to consider whether it’s worth getting backlinks from different websites and to develop the ability to determine websites and visibility. If you can use some of the methods mentioned here in combination, you will have a better chance of getting high quality backlinks.

All of the above tactics have been tried and tested. We then use them to increase Backlink search traffic from zero to over 175,000 unique hits per month.

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